We produce natural, wholesome, healthy products for better living and a greater life.

Farmaceuticals International, a subsidiary of Lion Gate Farms, Inc., is owned and operated by farmers Linda Rivers and Dianne Jennings. Both moms (and grandmothers) from totally different backgrounds, but committed to the common cause of creating better living and a greater life for our children and the world.

Lion Gate Farms began in 2012. Neither Linda nor Dianne came from farming backgrounds. Prior to farming, they were raising children and pursuing careers. Dianne had a successful 30-year career in the financial industry, and Linda was a flight attendant for 30 years. But now, they both bring their unique talents into the farming business to create a sustainable farm experience.

The company's vision and goal is to introduce people to the natural life-giving benefits of the earth through farming. That’s why Linda and Dianne created She Farms™. This television series features the unique and varied life of female farmers. (Please check your local listings for show times)

The Experience™ teaches public and private school children about the mysterious and misunderstood world of bees.

‘We are what we eat’ – something we've all heard. But it should be ‘We are what our soil eats’. Good food and healthy living start with healthy soil. We have formulated our prized Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment™ which adds nutritional value to the soil.

Holistic Honey™ is raw honey extracted from our farm beehives. Customers have described it as ‘the most sublime honey’.  In response to the growing demand for natural products, we manage our hives using holistic techniques. This requires greater attention on our part, but the benefit of knowing our honey is natural, healthy, and flavorful far outweighs the added effort.

There’s a growing movement toward natural, sustainable farming practices. It’s our goal to educate and inspire people to experience better living and a greater life through farming. 

Thanks for joining us!